About: The Guidebook for Serving on Groups

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Serving on Groups That Make Decisions: A Guide for Families was developed as part of the State Personnel Development Grant (2007-2012) from the WI Department of Public Instruction under the Office of Special Education Programs.  It applies to all decision-making groups, not just in education or specifically to one state. 

Serving on Groups is intended to be a useful tool for anyone who is currently serving, or wants to serve, on a decision-making group.  This can include parents, students, educators, administrators, and community members.  It was researched, developed, and written collaboratively by a broad stakeholder group of statewide agencies, school representatives and family members across Wisconsin.  The result is a guide that focuses on a specific skill set using research-based strategies while being broadly applicable to a diverse audience for a more effective and robust decision-making group.  The resource was published by the WI Family Assistance Center for Education, Training, and Support (WI FACETS). 

The creation of the Guidebook came from an identified need to support families in serving on decision-making groups, but the information and structure of the book is intended to support anyone serving on those groups.  It is a great introduction for some, a welcome refresher for others, and a resource for all, including experts and mentors, so everyone can come to the table ready to serve.  The sections to the Guidebook are:

​If a group or community would like a local, in-person training in Wisconsin, there are several trainers across the state.  Contact one of the listed trainers near you today. 

It’s important to use this resource and website in a way that is going to be most meaningful for you and your group.  If you need to use just one section of the Guidebook, use just that section!  If you want to take the resource as a whole curriculum, that works too.  The intention of the Guidebook is to meet the needs of the user.  Have the resource work for you!