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Modules are under construction and will be available soon.


Each Guidebook module currently includes a transcript in the Notes portion that follows the voice-over, but Closed Captions will also be available soon. 


Please check back in March 2021! 



It's important to use this resource in a way that will be most meaningful for you and your group. There are 8 sections to this guide. If you need to use just one section, then use just that section! If you want to take the book as a whole curriculum, that works too. This Guidebook can be used in any manner that will help you meet your needs and to better participate at the table with other decision makers. Remember, this is your journey! Let's get started

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Section 1 Opportunities to Get Involved

This section explores opportunities for you to make a difference, have a better understanding of where to begin, how to get involved, how you can share in the decision making process, and who can serve on these groups.

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Section 2 Types of Groups

Decision-making groups can take on a number of different forms. Learn about the different types of groups, the functions of these groups, and the roles of its members.

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Section 3 Processes Groups Use

The most effective groups use a variety of processes to guide their work. Learn about the principles that guide group practices and the important processes groups use.

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Section 4 Tools Groups Use

Some of the tools groups use to run effective meetings are a meeting facilitator, meeting minutes, written guidance, ground rules, and an agenda.

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Section 5 Tips and Strategies for Groups

The tips section defines strategies for making a decision-making group more effective, both internally and externally.

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Section 6 Understanding Data as Information

Understanding how to gather, use and interpret data helps groups make better, well-informed decisions.

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Section 7 The Role of Families on Groups

When serving on a decision making group, it is important to know what your role is as a family representative and member of the group, what ways you might represent the perspective of other families, and how to share your family story.

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Section 8 Skills for Serving on Groups

Strategies for preparing, participating, and follow-up after the meeting, including dealing with conflict, are necessary skills for serving on a group.

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Section 9 Appendix

Key terms and definitions used in the Guidebook.

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